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Gunti Palli

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 13 March 2016 11:53
  • Written by 


Location of bore well water spot ( stage a)
Geological method, which is done by electrical impulse measurement & spots which have a water table will show a sudden surge of current in these spots which is measured.


Location of bore well water spot (stage b)
Intervention by persons who are trained to feel the electrical impulse pass through them. They are fairly accurate and the % age success is aound 80%. NOTE. We put a condition that the selected bore point is as close to the selected water tank. If this does not happen then the cost of piping etc goes up.

Drilling with casing
After the bore point is loacted the drilling rig is made to drill a hole of 6" diameter. As the hole is continuously being drilled, air is blown constantly to clear the drill bit of all the dust and rock particles if any. The drilling is done in modules of 20feet each. Therefore the next 20feet case is screwed on to the already bored hole and this goes on till water table is stuck. The average rate of drilling is 20feet per hour. As the drilling does deeper, the rate is slow as thre is a lot of layers of rocks and clay in the underground terrain.At the end of the drilling when the water is stuck, it oozes out with considerable force, it is determined to terminate the drilling operation. Therefater the top 50-80 feet is cased with a plastic PVC pipes of 6" diameter. The estimated price for drilling & casing is approximately Rs 160/- per feet.

Water storage tank
The existing tank is leaking and needs to be repaired. We are planning to keep two plastic tanks of 5000 liters each on top to the exsiting concrete tank. This concrete tank has a storage capacity at present of only 9000 liters, which is inadequate. It is estimate to cost around Rs 64000/-

Submersible pump & electricals
We have sourced a reliable supplier of the pump and electricals and cable accessories from Bangalore. This is estimated to be Rs 106300/-

Defluoridation plant
Bore wellwater from the storage tank is fed into the water filteration system. The filteration is at the rate of 5 liters per minute. In other words we will get around 60 liters of drinkable water per hour. The average drinking & cooking water consumption is 4 liters per person. The village has 300 people. the water requirement is theerfore= 300x4=1200 liters per day = 20 hours on a single unit basis. Therefore we have planned for 2 units.( continous power is not assured). The water is taken by individuals from this point to their respective home.The cost of two units is Rs 178500/

Surface preparation
The cost of Rs 10000/- has been estimated.

Electric connection in the village
We have to get the permission from the AP government enabling power connection for the water pump. A deposit is to be given to the electricity board and the amount is approx Rs 4500/-.

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